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Every Weekly Xamarin issue has sponsorships available in two sections, a single Sponsored Link which is featured prominently under the News section and a Jobs section towards the end of the issue. Sponsored links work well to get products and services noticed by subscribers and the Jobs section can be used to get roles in your organisation noticed.



  • Just like the non-sponsored content in the email, each sponsored link should be highly relevant to .NET development and links which are not relevant will not be accepted.
  • There is only one sponsored link per issue so as a sponsor you can be sure that your link is not fighting for position with any other sponsored links. Sponsored links will be clearly marked as such and be listed in a separate section of the email titled "Sponsored Link"
  • Your sponsored link will appear in one email distributed to all subscribers and also permanently linked in the archived issue on the website. We will also add your company's logo to our Previous Sponsors section that will link to your website.
  • You get to write the headline for the link and the short paragraph of text which will go underneath it. We will then review, proofread and make suggestions on your sponsored link copy for deliverability.
  • Visits to your sponsored link can be tracked through the use of Google "utm" parameters which will be automatically appended to your link. The utm_source will be "Weekly+Xamarin", the utm_medium will be "email" and the utm_campaign will be "Weekly_Xamarin_Issue_XXX". If you use Google Analytics on your website these will be automatically tracked and will show the number of incoming visitors from the sponsored link.
  • The deadline for any sponsored link copy is the end of the day on the Tuesday of the week that the link is due to run.
  • Full payment is required to reserve your sponsored link spot for a specific week. Payment may be made by PayPal. Payment must be made in full before the sponsored link is included in an issue. Invoices are available and will be sent via email.
  • Once payment has been received, send across your copy for inclusion in the scheduled email!

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