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Welcome to another awesome and jam-packed edition of the newsletter!

For those of you currently in Houston for Xamarin Dev Summit, I hope you are having a great time and enjoying all the awesome announcements.

In case you missed Maddy Ledger making the announcement, XAML Hot Reload is coming!!!! Look out for the blog post from Microsoft about it in this week's newsletter!

As well as Dev Summit, #XamarinUIJuly has been continuing with more amazing contributions from very talented individuals in the community!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I am off to Greece for a week on Sunday, for my first proper relaxation holiday since 2002!!!

❤ Luce

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Xamarin Introductions

Introducing Rendy

This week's featured community hero is Rendy Del Rosario, aka XamBoy, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Rendy Del Rosario also known as XamBoy. I'm an Open source lover, Speaker, Blogger and founder of CrossGeeks. Got involved in mobile development way too early when Pocket PCs and BlackBerry were a big thing!. After suffering the pain of developing native applications for Android and iOS became a very early adopter of Xamarin and loved every bit of its evolution. Have been leading and developing successful and quality mobile and enterprise applications for over 15 years. My team and I eagerly contribute to the community by building awesome open source plugins to support features such as Push Notifications, Facebook Login, Google Login, File Uploading, Device Sensors, Multi language, etc. I love sharing my knowledge, experiences and lessons learned at my blog

Tell us one thing we probably don't know about you?

I love writing poetry. If you know Spanish you might find some of my poems here: Don't judge me I'm a romantic and XamGirl loves it :P

How did you first get into Xamarin development?

My first Xamarin project was a mobile sales force application was quite a satisfying experience been able to build something that adds so much value..

What has been the most enjoyable project you have built using Xamarin? I think the most enjoyable projects have been my open source plugins. For example the push notifications ones was quite an achievement for me. It is really nice to just follow the guide then plug and play to push notifications working in just a few minutes.

What advice would you give someone looking at getting started with Xamarin development?

Start by learning well the basics concepts first such as building ui, navigation, binding, dependency injection, etc. Then should master the MVVM pattern by using a Framework to build quality and maintainable mobile applications.

What are the MUST HAVE tools, resources and libraries that you use when building Xamarin apps?

Refit, Prism, FFImageLoading, Xamarin.Essentials, Acr.UserDialogs, Newtonsoft.Json

Where do you think mobile will be in 5 years?

I think we will see lot's of very cool and advanced AI and AR stuff been done.

Any other things you would like to share or promote?

I love to know about others experience with Xamarin and always willing to help succeed with it. If you need any help, want to get involve in one of our open source projects or just want to chat find me at twitter.

Make sure you keep up to date with updates from Rendy:


Twitter: @rdelrosario


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